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About Food Defence

Food defence is the protection of food products from adulteration or contamination intended to cause economic disruption and / or harm to public health. Food Defence is by no means a new concept – It has been applied in many different incarnations over time. The term “Food Defence” is used describe the various methodologies implemented to ensure the food provided to consumers is wholesome, genuine and not unnecessarily tampered with.


Food Defence events can generally be categorized into three types:

- Industrial Sabotage;

- Terrorism; and

- Economically Motivated Adulteration or EMA.


These events can be triggered by a frustrated employee, a company spy or insider, or by individuals who have a goal to compromise public health and safety.


Industrial Sabotage

Industrial Sabotage is an event intentionally performed by a frustrated employee or competitor with the goal of damaging the brand or name of the company as well as causing financial difficulties due to massive product recalls. This type of event is not usually conducted to cause widespread harm or public illness.



The food industry is considered one of the most vulnerable targets of terrorism due to their public reach, often done to promote fear and spread public illness. A malicious individual could use a popular food item as a means of spreading a deadly virus.



Economically Motivated Adulteration is a Food Defence risk variant generally facilitated by the food manufacturer itself, with the intent of increasing profits or lowering production cost at the expense of public safety.


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